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Walking: Our Default Gait. Setting Expectations and Goals for 2020
by Judy Heller, January 25, 2020

Happy New Year! Thanks for taking time to read the WOW blog. I welcome your input and look forward to learning more about you. What we share in common is walking, being serious about heath and a proactive participant in life. It is quite amazing we are embarking upon the year 2020. Ready or not here we come.

Walking is movement; it is our default gait which allows us to move across the earth’s surface by placing one foot in front of the other. It is a natural connecter to self, health, fitness and competition. It can be meditative, joyful, an easy or hard effort. It simply is.

To some, walking may sound humdrum because that is a definition of ‘pedestrian’: Going on foot. Ordinary and dull.  As I find walking a most profound activity, I have never understood that definition. It prevents people from experiencing its physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It is not dull, ordinary or boring. It is not stressful like running, and when enjoyed regularly at a good pace, it is great for your body regardless of age.

We know walking is one of the best exercises — incredibly using almost all 650 muscles and 203 bones in the body. Walking requires no special equipment, and just about anyone can do it. We know this, because you feel the difference and studies tell us so.

As we are transitioning to 2020 revisiting the months (January – December) sort of like a do-over. Are you taking time to reflect on your year? Are you one who plans? Set goals? How did you do? What did you learn? Now is the time to keep that which works, discard what isn’t and think outside the box.

“Why stay within the boundaries as the boundlessness is so near,” ~~ Deepak Chopra.

As you become aware, regroup and reenergized the next steps include planning (preparation) devising realistic targets or goal, implementing an plan, moving forward by taking action. By all means include a Plan B and C, as life does intervene and disrupt the best of intentions.

I like challenging myself; I want to raise the bar; maintain a level of fitness that allows me to do what I want or ability to train for an event within a realistic time frame. I want to fuel my body with all that nature offers as whole foods, minimal or no oils and no animal products. I enjoy learning whether through continuing ed courses &/or my clients. I look forward to upcoming longer days, warmer temperatures and walks for fun, health, fitness & competition.

How about you? Ponder over these questions and feel free to comment with your response in the box below or on our Facebook page.

Will you take time to review where you are and where you want to be?

What do you want for your life?

What do you want today?

What healthy habits have you achieved?

Which unhealthy habits have dropped?

How does walking add to your well-being?

Most importantly, are you celebrating your accomplishments?



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