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Fitness Components

Coaching may include but not limited to:
Cardiovascular exercise
To many people, cardiovascular exercise is synonymous with weight loss. There are many other benefits to increasing your aerobic and cardiovascular workouts as well.
• Increase physical stamina and endurance
• Improve lung efficiency and capacity
• Stimulate efficient blood flow to muscles to relieve cramps and remove toxins
• Release endorphins into the bloodstream (the “natural high” described by many athletes)
• Increase they body’s flexibility
• Lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels

Resistance Training
Incorporating resistance training into your routine helps you build and retain muscle mass, increase flexibility and endurance, and improve your metabolism.
• Prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone density
• Ease and eliminate back pain
• Restore and improve energy levels
• Strengthen and relieve stress on ligaments and joints
• Increase endorphins and serotonin levels (which heighten feelings of wellbeing and lessen mental depression and fatigue)

Healthy Diet
Beyond the physical benefits of a healthy diet, improved eating awareness can help enhance your emotional and mental health as well. Healthy eating is the key to better relationships with yourself and others. Making healthy eating choices will positively affect the choices you make in every aspect of your life.
• Eat consciously and conscientiously
• Connect with your food – don’t just “eat to eat.” Truly enjoy the experience of eating with every meal, whether it’s a healthy snack or a five-course dinner.
• Improve your self esteem
• Go beyond “counting calories” and see the bigger picture of the foods you eat
• Make health your top priority in all aspects of your life

Learning to control your breathing will lead to controlling the energy within your body—and ultimately controlling your mind and mental processes. Yogic philosophy, for instance, considers breathing to be the bridge that brings our physical and mental selves into balance.
• Sooth the nervous system
• Calm, steady and clear the mind
• Improve concentration, focus and attention
• Increase your ability to deal with complex situations
• Relieve mental and emotional stress

Sport & Competition Training
Being an athlete – regardless of your perceived athletic level or ability – involves practicing and improving skills under the guidance of a coach or instructor as you prepare for your event. As you train for specific sports and competitions, you’ll discover that your best coach is actually yourself.
• Accomplish your physical goals, no matter what life phase you’re in
• Gain a greater sense of wellbeing, especially compared to less active members of your peer group
• Improve emotional and mental health through increased physical exercise and competitions
• Reconnect with the athlete inside you


Now is the time to take steps toward creating a life of balance, passion, purpose and strength. As personal trainers, we are also coaches, motivators and fitness mentors. We look forward to guiding you along the path toward better health and fitness.

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