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Which one is right for you?

Welcome to Wonders of Walking and our 2020 season. WOW's walking focused programs offer effective training sessions targeting functional strength,conditioning, mobility, flexibility and over all wellness  for all levels of walkers / athletes - beginner to elite. Each workout is designed to target key areas of the body and, in many cases, from 'head to toe' with a goal of vibrant active lifestyles.

Would you like to feel younger and stronger, without pills, potions or surgery?

WOW Fitness Training offers personalized instruction / coaching / small group programs available to fit your needs! 

Perhaps you are interested in learning / experience the art of walking with Racewalking

Check out these upcoming sessions for YOU!

Walk  Relay Training  (Race)    
You’ve Got Legs: Cascade Lakes & Portland to Coast
Do you want to get a jump start on your summer relays?
Now You Can! Don't wait.
Check out your options for Team Training today.

Come experience Or tap into the fluid power of racewalking for competition or improved fitness.  What is racewalking?  Common mistakes?  

Nordic Ski Walking / Exerstriding
This class is for you if you are interested in learning Nordic Walking or improving your use of walking with poles. Turn your daily walk into an all body workout                                                                                                     Learn more 

**Walkers Only Exclusive 5K, 10K & Half Marathon Training**
Are you ready to begin training, walking, or racing a 5K? It is possible with training and a schedule. Or, maybe you want to double up and do a 10K. Are you registered for the Portland Half marathon? This training program is for you!

If you enjoy having fun, doing your best, and finishing uninjured -- Train &/or Walk with WOW.                                                         

Walking for Runners Coaching

Are you a run / walker?
Do you want to improve your walking time in races?
Are passed by walkers?
Do you want to walk for cross training?
Do you have difficulty getting your heart rate elevated when walking? 
                                                     Yes, I want to be a stronger run/ walker 

Dynamic (Speed) Walking    

Dynamic Walking for You series is taking advantage of our increased daylight hours. If you'd like to be a faster walker, this session is for you. Yes, I want to be faster - Contact Judy for information

Technique Clinique
This  mini-class offers brief overview of walk / racewalk gait.  Join in with others in improving your walking gait.                                                Learn more                                                                                                        
Personalized Coaching with ACE Certified Trainer / Fitness coach Judy.
Is it time for you to take steps for your health and fitness?
Do you have specific goals for an upcoming event? A reunion, wedding, cruise, vacation or race?
Maybe you know what you should be doing and are not doing it?
Want guidance as well as accountability? Check out personal coaching both in Portland and online.
Personal one on one coaching can help you.

Looking for a specific class? Want to be notified? Send Judy an email 

What is the WOW Training System?

A healthy body. A sound mind. A vibrant life.

WOW's Training System of Strong Values & Principles

 Read more
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