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Brief Description

Come experience or tap into the fluid power of racewalking.

If you are a competitive racewalker - get your events tune-up.

Discover your rhythmic quick steps -- Be a racewalker.

This series is taught by Judy Heller internationally ranked age-graded master walker will have you gliding into action in the graceful yet vigorous sport of walking.

What: Race Walk Coaching

Individuals who want to:
Go faster
Be fluid
Improve fitness
Burn calories
Have Fun
Want to know "What are those racewalkers doing?"

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What are the benefits of Racewalk coaching for Walkers?

• Increase your walking speed and distance
• Avoid  race walk mistakes
• Increase your ability to climb hills
• Maintain form and sprinting ability at the end of a race
• For race walkers, learn to maintain legal racewalk form throughout the event
• Maximize results for performance
• Importance of flexibility, mobility and strength for becoming faster
• Decrease your risk of first-time walking injuries

What You Will Receive in this Program

  • Coaching focused on the race walk technique
  • Handouts
  • Coupon for one free group Technique Clinique follow up. Value ($15.00)
  • Hands on coaching individual or in a group setting
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